Great Bormansia, disputed to be the largest Kingdom in all of Euthralia and one of the most powerful, lies in the continent of Busurk in the southern hemisphere.

Cities (by size) Edit

  1. Natanyel
  2. Tyla
  3. Luka
  4. Marcel
  5. Lisa
  6. Stefanyi
  7. Mischel
  8. City of Oak
  9. Christcross
  10. Railand
  11. Maata
  12. New Trymot
  13. Garthruba
  14. Wangaray
  15. Warkort
  16. Hamilonius
  17. Oudel
  18. Voln
  19. Sorkant
  20. Raccill
  21. Dundin
  22. Cana
  23. Neilsor
  24. Darvil
  25. Legosticoi
  26. Raca
  27. Cuiti

History Edit

Great Bormansia was once a great empire controlling the majority of the Aschurk landmass, however, multiple regions inside the empire teamed up to wage war and eventually conquered the empire, claiming their territory and leaving Great Bormansia with the borders it has today.

Central Bormansia was separated from Great Bormansia when Old King Marcel I refused to support Central Bormansia with money and getting his soldiers to block off all pathways leading from Central Bormansia into Great Bormansia. The Lord of Central Bormansia therefore deemed himself King (King Erazmus I) and cut all ties with Great Bormansia. Only one summer ago were the borders opened for citizens in either nations who were split by the border reunite with their families. Today, one border remains open however access into either country is very strict and trade is still disabled.

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